PC Benchmark (Review)

pc benchmark

pc benchmark

images by reviversoft

PC Benchmark is a free application that allows you to test the speed of your computer and compare it against friend. It also provides you with useful tips to optimize your computer and improve its speed.

Subcategory : Diagnostic Software
System requirements : Operating systems Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

pc benchmark first launch

pc benchmark first launch

Images by Reviversoft

Published on Dec 3, 2012
Member :
Bagas Kawarasan, Dimas Arya S, Dunung Resmintoko, Shaffan Al-Haq Fatahillah
How to use PC Benchmark
? Watch this video…. 😀

Read this article …. PC Wizard 2012, Benchmark testing
Download here…. PC Benchmark.exe 

Thank You 😀 , I Hope this can be Useful

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