Simple Present, Present Progressive.

Make 10 sentences ( Simple Present, Present Progressive ). Ex : Rina usually walks to the Campus, but now she is riding a motorcycle.

1. He never plays football, Look ! He is playing football right now.
2. Andy usually reads novels, but now he is reading comics.
3. She always sleeps at 8 pm. Look ! She is sleeping at 7 pm now.
4. He can’t play football, because he is sleeping right now.
5. Do you hear that sounds ? No, I am not. Please don’t disturb, I am studying right now.
6. He usually wears black shirt, today he is wearing white shirt.
7. The match starts at 2 pm, I am going to The Stadium right now.
8. I never eat this food, but now I am eating this food.
9. He often plays basketball in his school, but now He is playing in my backyard.
10. Sometimes My Mother works in the restaurant, She is washing bowl right now.


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